Webster's magic derives from those ineffable qualities of vocal grain, emotional nuance, timing and phrasing possessed by the truly great and moving singers of any style.”

— San Francisco Bay Examiner

Chris Webster's voice is wondrous - deeply expressive and full of everything from the sensual to the spiritual. She doesn't so much sing a song as bring it to life.”

— Oakland Tribune

There are a handful of artists that defy genre. Artists like Mary Chapin Carpenter, Bonnie Raitt, and Tracy Nelson move between country, pop, and rhythm & blues. Enter Chris Webster, this California native's debut solo recording puts her in this type of rarified company. A terrific writer and singer, she brings an extraordinary amount of talent to the table here exhibiting a versatility that makes her album a true winner...In a time when style often wins over substance, Chris Webster chooses substance to create this eloquent and touching masterpiece. She is an amazing artist to be reckoned with.”

— Cleveland Country

...perhaps some rootsy, bluesy rock that's not just for the kids? We suggest Davis singer-songwriter Chris Webster's Something In The Water. She comes highly Raitt-ed, but this velvet voice is all her own. Hard to say just what it is about the lovely lope of Out Here In The Real World¬†that brings the tears to your eyes. The integrity, maybe? Between that one, the handsome cover (with Jackie Greene) of Curtis Mayfield's People Get Ready, and, well, all the other tracks, Webster shows warmth, grace and range. She's a class act.”

— The Sacramento News & Review

With Mumbo Gumbo, it's always a party. With Chris Webster solo, it's still a party, but be warned- she'll cry if she wants to. With a winsome, evocative voice that conveys pain and longing as easily as it does joy and hope, Webster brings a fervent depth to every song.”

— Country Standard Time

Webster's is an authoritative voice that manages to make existential angst, romantic confusion and spiritual longing sound uncommonly appealing. Each note she sings conveys a probing, acute sensitivity to the little complications of life and love...”

— No Depression

Sure, there were plenty of great releases in the last year or so, from Bob Dylan, Greg Brown and Radiohead to Sleater-Kinney and Cornershop, but the one I listened to over and over was Chris Webster's delicious - from beginning to end - Drive.¬† It's a heady, touching mixture of blues, country, pop and R&B with Webster's sultry, yearning voice at its apex. And if the Webster-penned Candybars and Freedom isn't one of the best songs written about the painful salvation and liberation of leaving a troubled relationship, I'm Ferlin Husky.” - Mac McDonald

— The Monterey County Herald

It's a mighty thin line between certain kinds of country and classic rhythm and blues. Look at John Hiatt. Or Bonnie Raitt. Or Chris Webster. The singer/songwriter from Davis, California...blends the styles in a way that has distanced her from the country mainstream but endeared her to fans of soulful singing....Webster is a real find, a great singer who has found her voice but not her niche...it may simply be a matter of finding an audience that doesn't care about musical boundaries. At that point, there will be little talk of country or soul; there will only be praise for one of the finest voices in any genre.”

— Dirty Linen


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